joi, 14 iulie 2016

Ttransfer to otopeni airpot while travelng from Berlin

So it happens that tomorrow I will need to travel from Berlin back to my home town, to Bucharest, which means that I am going to meed again with all of my friends and family, with all the people that I have missed in the last couple of months.

And unfortunately it is not easy at all - as price tickets for the flights have gone up, up and again, up in a very nasty way - but nevertheless, money are not such a big problem if you consider that a flight is way faster than travelling by train or bus. Also, the level of comfort is bigger, as at least there are no people that will eat cheap sandwiches, which would generate a nasty smell in the cabin of the bus or in the train compartment.

Now - my issue now days consists in the fact that no one can give me a ride from the airport home, which is not good at all, as the taxi prices in the Bucharest airport are quite high, and the bigger problem is related to the fact that the quality of the service is not that good, and usually the cars are used more than they would have.

In the last moment prior to departure I made a decision, and a radical one to be honest, related to the fact that I would need a private rent a car company, with a nice merceddes cr to do for me the transfer to otopeni airport - I mean in fact... the transfer from the Otopeni airport to Bucharest, to the city center, where I will have some early businesses to attend.

So I have found someone, booked the ride and I will let you know later how it was ;)

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