joi, 14 iulie 2016

TourWizard software - my opinions so far

As I am now working in a new company, that i oriented towards using inhous software as a service solutions as marketing platforms and not only, I will try to make a very small review for the Tourwizard software, a very interesting software solution that is able to generate a lot of value for the company that is using this kind of software, but also for individuals that need to create a very nice presentation of a property that they are selling or renting.

So, the company that hired me is working in the real estate industry, as a company that is selling apartments and properties developed by other companies. Basically - there are a lot of real estate agents that are roaming in my office, with all kindsof crazy ideas.

Basically the real estate agents are the ones that are pushing the market forward, the ones that are doing a lot of neat jobs, the ones that are trying to find solutions to work in a more efficient kind of way.

And now, afte 3 months among then I tested a lot of software solutions designed especially for the real estate industry, and Tour Wizard seems to be the best of them.

The most important thing about this software is that is easy to use, fast to learn and it never crashes. Also, the fact that everything is done online, in your browser, is a huge advantage for anyone who needs to work from home for a couple of hours.

Leaast, but not last, the marketing capabilities of this software solution are overwhelming, as anyone will be able to embed on facebook for instance a virtual tour presentation, to send an email or to do other interesting things.

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